Saturday, July 2, 2016

Week 39 - Well, I Wasn't Expecting That...

Hello all, 

It was a good week this week. We had some surprises! 

This week started out way good; we had an awesome family home evening at the C.´s house, and we brought the R. family with us, and talked about temples! It was super cool! They were super interested and they are getting closer and closer to being ready for baptism, but they are still a little scared! So we are working with them this week to help them know that this is the true church and feel 100% comfortable and certain in their decision! 

Now for the crazy part...

On Wednesday, we were about to eat lunch, when all of a sudden President calls! He called Elder Wright to go serve in Culiacan for a while. It was super sudden! We were super shocked and to be honest at first I felt a little overwhelmed cause I knew that meant I had to step up my game. I felt super responsible for my area and for all of the people in it. And also kind of sad cause Elder Wright is leaving. I wasn´t expecting that, at all, but I know that everything will be okay! 

So Elder Wright headed to Culiacan Thursday, the next morning, with Elder Carter, another elder that was here in San Jose. So Elder Marin and I (Elder Carter´s companion), will be working together in both of our areas for the next three weeks until we get to the transfer date on June 20th. Pretty crazy, but I know we can do it! Elder Marin is super great, he is from Mérida, Yucatan, and he is super funny and easy to serve with! He has already helped me learn some new things and be a better missionary. We are feeling super dedicated right now and are working our tails off to be able to keep God´s work progressing in both of our areas. 

Sometimes in our life, hurdles get placed in our path that we werent expecting! That is just how life is. I had to accept that, and do what I learned to do when I raced steeplechase, and just jump over it and keep and running! It is only as hard as we make it, and if we lean on God for help, he can help us get the strength we need to keep clearing the barriers unharmed. I know He can! Because I have seen it this week, and several times in my life. I love this gospel and the strength I receive through praying to my God, my Father in Heaven! I know He hears us, He loves us, and He knows us. Sometimes He place things in our path we cannot get over all alone, we need His help. Nothing is impossible for God! 

Love you all, love my area, my God, and love being His servant. 

Elder Daines

"Bye, Elder Wright!"


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