Sunday, October 2, 2016

Week 56 - Splits with President

Howdy all! 

This week was crazy great!! We were just leaving from eating lunch with some members when the president’s assistant calls me and tells me they are outside my house and they need me to go to open the door for them. So we get there, and its not just the assistants that are there, but President Gabaldón too!! He went up the stairs with us and came in. How lucky we were that we left the house clean haha) cause he came in and started inspecting everything! 

Well after that, he told us he and Elder Clegg were going to come with us to our area to work for a bit! Man that made me nervous, but luckily we had a few appointments. On the way I was wondering how we were going to do it, and President told us I was going to go with him, and Elder Clegg with Elder Quezada!!! What!!! I was alone, teaching, proselyting, and contacting with President! Even more nervous! But it was so, so, so cool! We gave away three Books of Mormon, taught for lessons, and contacted like 10 people in only three hours! It was crazy! And after he invited us to hot dogs! Haha. 

This experience really helped me see how much harder I can work (I thought I was working hard before, but wow! He showed me how much more I can do!). Also, Elder Quezada is doing super great. He is getting more excited and open each day to talk to people in the street and participate more in the lessons! He already has two weeks in the mission field! 

Also this week I get to go to Culiacan to renew my visa papers and all, so that will be a nice little trip! Hope you all are doing so great! 

I know the Book of Mormon is the most correct book upon the face of the earth and it has helped me resolve my problems and relieve my stress when I have needed help most. Read it! I promise you’ll love it. 

Elder Daines

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