Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week 47 - Is it Work if you Love it?

Hey all!!

This was a great week! The time is going by too fast!! We are already in the last week of the transfer, and Elder Wright is probably getting sent to another area in this coming week, so by next Monday I will probably have a new companion here in San Jose! But who knows?! 

I had a super awesome birthday! It was super cool. My package literally arrived just on time. After writing y´all last week, we headed to our District (Missionary) meeting, and I saw no one in the church, and it was a little suspicious, so I started setting up the chairs and stuff, and all of a sudden I was being controlled and having a tie wrapped around my face so I couldn’t see!! They bought me a cake, and there was my package, and all! It was so great. They are good missionaries and friends. I loved the package, especially the pictures and Bailynn´s finger paintings, haha! 
It was pretty much a four day birthday, cause of Sunday, this day, Tuesday the members gave me an awesome dinner, another cake, and Wednesday I got another cake! haha. They are great. I feel super blessed for them thinking of me. 

This week we have had to sadly do some dropping of some people we have been teaching, and we have started to look for some new people that are excited and interested to learn more of Christ´s gospel. We had some super cool miracles!! Elder Wright was looking in the missionary records one morning, and he decided we were going to look for a person named Jan. We got there, and she opened the door, allowed us in, and as we were talking she told us, ´´I have something to tell you guys. My second oldest daughter has been a little rebellious recently, and so last night I prayed to God, asking Him for guidance in what to do...it´s amazing how fast God answers our prayers!´´ It was so cool! It amazing how God can work through us to bring His children back to Him. 

We also had some super cool lessons with a recent convert named Yess., who came to do visits with us! It was so awesome because she really helped the people we taught, and she also felt relief and a stronger testimony for going with us! It is so great how being in God´s service makes us always feel better. That is why I am in God´s work! It´s a happy work, and the best one. 

Elder Daines

"Missionary Cruelty?"


"Elder Dens"

"Stylish new fan!"

"Timer went off too soon!"

"La Cruz"

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