Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week 73 - Trip to Hawaii

Hello world. 

It was a pretty cool week this week. We had a great ward missionary activity named Trip to Hawaii, which is basically a play where the plane crashes, and we all die...(sounds bad I know but its super cool, trust me). So we get sent to travel through the three kingdoms of glory, that God has prepared for us according to our diligence in this life. The activity showed everyone the importance of the Plan of Salvation, the perfect plan God has prepared for His children, and how important the family is to God. The activity went super well, we had several investigators attend, and lots of members invited their friends and family members. 

Charlie is still preparing to be baptized! He is super great. He surprises us a lot, that he seems to know more members than we do! He keeps working hard, coming to Church and the activities we have and all. We are going to keep helping him come to Christ and receive baptism. Jesùs is also super great, he is progressing incredibly towards February 18th to be baptized. He asks the greatest questions and is so inquisitive in everything we teach (I think that’s a word...). 

Every day I come to see that there is power in the Book. The Book of Mormon is the key to my faith. It helps me come closer to Christ as I strive to put in practice the things that it teaches us. I know it is the word of God. It was written, and translated by the power of God.

Elder Daines

"Is that an Interstate Batteries truck?? In Mexico?"

"Coconut with chili! Super good, actually." 

Week 72 - There is Power in the Book


This week was super cool because we finally had time to work all week in our area with hardly any interrumptions. We were able to visit lots of people we werent able to visit in these past weeks and we also found new people to teach. It makes me so happy when we are able to find people that are really in need of the message we share, and they accept us into their home. 

We were able to see lots and lots of progress in Jesùs, the man that reminds me of Grandpa Daines. He is so great! He has been reading so much in the Book of Mormon and has felt its power. He came to church again this week, and in a lesson we had with him last week, he started to talk about his family (because he is the only one listening to us right now of his family) and said `to me whatever is good, I welcome it. I feel that this is good and I want to keep feeling this way`. The Bishop came with us again to visit him, and Jesùs accepted the invitation to prepare to make a covenant with God to be baptized on February 18th! 

Charlie is super great as well, he is reading and praying and going to church, attending the young adult activities, and is progressing well! He is still preparing to be baptized a bit more but he is excited to keep learning more! He already knows pretty much everyone in the ward, more than I do honestly! Haha. favorite niece turned three this past week! Happy Birthday Bailynn! I love my family! 

Hope everyone has a great and week and can come to feel the power of the Book of Mormon to change lives. 

Elder Daines