Saturday, July 2, 2016

Week 41 - Now I Can Feel It

“Now I Can Feel It”

Hello family and friends, 

Great week! Like always! And also super busy! But I had some of the best experiences in the mission this week. 

On Thursday I was with Elder Tolentino, and everything was looking great. In the morning we got to go visit Ch. and Ed. and talk to them about how they feel for their baptism and all that, and they were so excited!! They know everything haha. Later, we had 4 appointments for after lunch! But we had one quickly, then the two right after both got cancelled. So we decided to head to visit Ang., the step mom of Ch. and Ed. We were just going to stop by and say hi quick, but she invited us in, and so we started talking to her for a little bit. All of a sudden she asked us, ¿Van a compartir algo? (if we were going to share a message), and we weren’t planning on it, but getting excited, we said SURE! I am always up to teach the gospel. And so we started to teach, and she told us she had an experience that changed her forever. In class on Sunday, we were talking about baptism, why it is important, and how we should follow Christ's example in all we do. Something in that class touched her heart. We have been teaching her for FOUR months! And she had never really shown true interest in being baptized. But something in the class changed her. She told us, "Ya me quiero bautizar." (I want to get baptized!) We testified of these impressions she had had, and she accepted for being baptized on July 2nd! She said the prayer before we left, and it was truly one of the best prayers I have ever heard. She said something I will never forget. She said, ´Gracias Padre, porque ahora lo puedo sentir´.. (I thank thee, Father, because now I can feel it). Now I can feel it. Such simple words but so powerful! The Spirit touched her heart. I know God prepares the hearts of His children. 

And F. is so so so great! He is going to be baptized on the 25th, and he is so excited! We had an amazing lesson with him on Friday, and he is so ready! Every time we teach him I just feel useless, cause he already learns everything so quickly! Haha. He is so awesome. And every time I see him, he is more and more excited to learn. He came to the baptism of Ch. and Ed., and had an awesome time in church! He is the man.

And of course, Ch. and Ed. baptism was great!! Something I'll never forget It was so funny, Ed. cut his toe before the baptism, and as we were getting in the water, he cried to me, OW my toe stings my toe stings my toe stings! And it was so funny cause, his leg went up so we baptized him again, and after he said to me, that means I get double the blessings! Hahaha. I love life.  

Elder Daines

Ch. & Ed.'s Baptism! 

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