Sunday, July 24, 2016

Week 44 - President Gabaldon!

Hey All! Happy Independence Day! AMERICA!

This week was super great. Super busy and kind of sad with President and Hermana Velez continuing on in their journey, but we got to meet President and Hermana Gabaldon! It is super weird, they are way different, super young! They have four kids that are living with them, one is only two years old! But they are super awesome and hilarious. It's sad having to say goodbye to President and Hermana Velez but I know that our new president will be just as good. 

We had a pretty busy week. We were with Fa. every day last week, getting him ready for baptism! Fa. is so great. He had lots of unexpected struggles and challenges during this week, which were clearly signs that he was being tempted to not get baptized, but on Saturday night after getting back from La Paz, we had a great baptismal service for him. I am super excited for him, he is so determined and excited to keep learning more in the Church. I know he will be an awesome leader. 

I honestly cant really remember right now everything we did this week haha, but I had a strengthened testimony this week that God knows us individually and His ways are super mysterious, unexpected, and confusing sometimes, but always better than ours. God knows the people He has prepared to receive this Gospel, its just my job to be the instrument in His hands to find those people! 

President Gabaldón focused a lot in the Junta we had with him about the importance of remembering how capable we are of deciding our happiness. We decide how happy we are going to be. We decide to become better (or worse). We are completely responsible for our salvation, no one else can win us our salvation. But we must rely on the grace of God to be able to purify us and strengthen us so we can be worthy to be in His presence after this life. I know that God has miracles waiting to happen here. We just need a little bit more faith and we will be able to see even more miracles. We are too blessed as children of God sometimes, but it is pretty awesome haha. 

Elder Daines
President Gabaldon and his family! (The new mission President)

"Fa.'s baptism!"

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