Saturday, July 2, 2016

Week 42 - Guess Who's Back..Back Again!

Hey all!

The prodigal son has returned...yes that is right. The dangerous duo of Elder Wright and Elder Daines is back in town, ready for business. After three tough weeks of taking control of two areas, Elder Wright is back from Culiacan, and we are ready to get some work done. 

This flew by, but it was a little tough! We tried to visit all of the people we could. but sometimes it seems like we have too many people to teach haha, who would have thought that would ever be a problem as a missionary? Not me! 

But we really did have a super good week. We were able to have a great lesson with Ad. and her family, and we invited them all to read the Book of Mormon. We had given the family a Book of Mormon before, but it was not really that convenient, being six people and one book, so we decided to bring them some more. They all took it a lot more seriously when they realized they had their own books, and we are excited to see tonight how it went for them with their reading! 

Also had a great time on Saturday night with the Vid. family. It was the first time we had the whole family together since Ch. and Ed. were baptized, and you can really feel a difference in the room. It was so cool to see and feel! And yesterday, they came to church in their little white shirts and little vests and ties, it was so great! Christian got to help pass the sacrament (bread and water) to the congregation, it was awesome. I love those guys. They will be great missionaries some day. 

We are really looking forward to this week, to finally be able to be 24/7 in our area again, and to help those children of God in our area to come closer to their Father in Heaven. I know this is His work, and the more we work, the more He blesses and strengthens and improves us. 

Elder Daines

"The best way to eat bananas!"

The Vid. Family! 

"He's back!"

"Adios Hermanas"

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