Sunday, July 24, 2016

Week 46 - Great People in the World

Hey everyone!!

This week was super awesome! And its been a super birthday, thanks to everyone that sent me emails! This email is going to be a little short cause I was so busy trying to reply to all the ones I got hahaha. Today we played soccer in the morning and we dominated! It was great, a lot of fun. On Sunday the Guti. family had us over for a birthday dinner. They made us hamburgers, fries and ice cream. That was pretty cool. They worked hard for that. 

We had some super cool experiences this week. I am just going to talk about a couple of them. Remember Jes.? The investigator of the Hermanas? Well he visited with us last week to a less active young man named Al., and this week Al. came to church! It was super awesome. Jesus is powerful. And now Al. wants to go to the Youth Conference they are going to have next week! 

Also, we went to visit Fa. on Saturday, the guy that just got baptized a couple weeks ago, and we were planning on visiting some of his friends. He talked to them during the week, but they all either said no or they weren’t going to be home. (Everyone goes to the beach on Saturday haha). So we taught him super quick and were going to head to another part of our area on the bus, and he said, “If you want to, I’ll come with you!” And I was just This person is amazing. He is so great. We visited a couple new investigators we have, Pau. and Yac., and they are super great. They are both so interested in learning more and are excited to come to church this week! 

I had some pretty cool experiences this week of seeing how much God knows us, loves us, and hears our prayers. I love that so much. It is so great to have a loving Heavenly Father who hears us, no matter what time of day (or night!). 

Another cool thing: we were heading out from our house to come write on our emails, and the bus passed right as we walked out the door. I knew it went down a couple blocks, then started to make its way again, and so I told Elder Wright, “we’re gonna chase it down.” And he said, “you think so?” And I said “oh yeah.” So we took off running. It was so awesome, cause as I was running, I could see the bus making its way down the hill a flew blocks south, and I was right on pace with it, and we caught it right as it turned towards us again. It was super awesome to see I still have a little bit in me haha. Speaking of that, I know it is super delayed, but I just heard from dad today! I want to send a huge shoutout to everyone that made it to nationals and regionals from BYU Track and Field. I love you all!! Huge shoutout to Shaq, Rory, and also JARED WARD! You are my hero, I love you so much man! I will be cheering for you like crazy from here in Mexico!!

Elder Daines

"I broke my umbrella doing this..."

"Deceiving rain clouds."

"Biggest MANGO ever!"

"Burgers and Ice Cream Birthday Dinner! 

"Best soccer club in Mexico!"

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