Saturday, July 2, 2016

Week 40 - Three Areas. Four Missionaries


This week was pretty super duper crazy. We were bouncing all over San Jose like crazy. Now that Elder Wright and Elder Carter are in Culiacan, we are left with three areas to cover, and only four missionaries. It is unreal! What we have decided to do is that Elder Holzer and Elder Tolentino are going to split with us every Tuesday and Thursday, so both Elder Marin and I can have a full day in our areas. 

We had to do lots of work this week, because both the sister missionaries, and Elder Marin changed houses, and so we had to pack it all up, transport it all, set it all up, and clean out the old apartment. It took tons of work and lots of hours, especially when the Hermano that was supposed to help us transport the beds didn’t show up, so we ended up carrying the bedframes 20 minutes uphill. That was a...special moment, haha. 

Sadly because of all the craziness going on this week, we didn’t get to visit as many people as we wanted to, but it was great nonetheless! Ch. and Ed. are going to take the step to be baptized this week!! They are both super excited. And!!! Even though we weren’t able to visit with him, a reference from someone we are teaching, came to church for the first time, and he loved it!! It was super awesome. 

It is honestly super hard to try and manage everything, trying to visit all of the people we are teaching; having to visit double the people in the same amount of time doesn’t really work too well, so we have literally been running sometimes from one visit to the next, haha. Speaking of running, Elder Marin was up for running!! So we went running for about 20 minutes on Thursday morning, and it was glorious (but also sad at the same time cause it was harder than it should have been). While I am on the topic of running, I would like to send a huge shout out to my best friends Alyssa Gruender and Payton Fors, who dominated it on the track this past weekend!! You are both the best. 

To say the least, this week was all over the place. I have come to really appreciate the little bit of time I have set apart to just let my mind empty, and feel at peace; it truly brings such comfort! And the time that I have had to stop and slow down and just pray to my Father in Heaven and ask for strength, I have been able to feel that He lightens my burdens. I know He loves us and helps us when we come unto Him. He can make so much more out of us than we ever could do ourselves!

Elder Daines

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