Sunday, January 22, 2017

Week 71 - Double the Area...Double the Chamba! (work)


This week went by super super fast! Two days of this week, we were not able to work in our area because we were with the assistants helping them in their area, but it was a good experience with them! I worked with Elder Zuñiga for the day on Tuesday, and we had lots of great lessons! I met a guy that has two kids living in Wisconsin! What a small world right?! 

We have seen lots of progress in the people we are teaching in this week. In almost every lesson we had, we were able to have a member of the church from our ward come with us, and they helped us so much!! This is the greatest ward ever! On Sunday in the Sacrament meeting, it was so full that it almost got the point that people had to stand because there almost weren't any chairs left!! 

Jes. is progressing so so well! The Bishop came with us to visit Jes., and he has been reading the Book of Mormon, and has really felt that it is the word of God. He has asked super great questions, the greatest questions, and yesterday he stayed for all three hours of church and loved it! He was super into it. And he reminds me so so much of Grandpa Daines, so it makes me even more excited that he is progressing because it is as if I was teaching Grandpa!

Char. is also doing well! He is still preparing to be baptized on January 28th. We hope that he can receive an answer to his prayers to know that this is the right decision. He has been praying and reading a bit, and is super interested about eternal families. We hope he can realize the great blessing it is to be able to be with our families forever! 

We have some other great investigators, and have had some other cool experiences but that is pretty much it for this week! In this past transfer we had 6 missionaries in the ward, but sadly, we are now only 4, and so our area is a bit bigger but it is exciting to have some new area to work in too! I know that God prepares His children to receive His Gospel in His time. I am so glad I can be led by His Spirit to find those people He has prepared for us to find. 

Elder Daines

Pretty clouds

Goodbye, Elder Zuniga! 

The Church! 

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