Sunday, January 22, 2017

Week 70 - The Best Ward Ever!

Hey everyone, 

This week was super cool! I am in the best ward ever! They have been helping us so much in going with us to visit our investigators and they are helping a lot in helping the investigators feel like part of the group here in Infonavit! We saw lots of great miracles this week in having members with us. 

Well first of all in this week, we had a Multizone Conference. I got to train in a part of it, and I was super, super nervous (yes, my hands still shake when I get nervous in front of groups, haha). But I was praying before the training that I would be able to share the message the missionaries needed and it really helped! I got up there and it turned out well (I hope)! I at least got some of them to laugh so that was good. I didn’t want to be the only one laughing at my own jokes like I normally do (got that one from Mom). 

Anyway...members! Yeah. We had some super cool lessons. Hermano Jul. came with us to visit a family, and he invited them to have a family home evening with him and his family in this week, and we are planning for that! Hermano Alex. also came with us to visit Char.! And wow he is learning a lot! He is about to finish 1 Nephi already, and is learning a lot! He is still preparing to be baptized for January 28 and we are super excited for him! The young single adults are including him super well in church as well as in activities.

We also have Jon., he makes delicious pizzas. We visited him with Hermano Man., and he has already read quite a bit in the Book of Mormon, and although he had lots of questions, he is excited to learn a lot more! And he also came to church with us for the first time and liked it a lot! 

We found a new investigator this week in an interesting way...So basically (I don’t think I’ve said this yet), we have doves (I think that’s what they’re called) on our street and they always...leave droppings. And one day one kind dove deposited some on my Book of Mormon. And so my companion and I were talking about what to do, and suggested we look for a plastic owl. So we were walking to visit someone, and we saw a plastic owl on a picnic table! And we saw a man there and so we asked where he got it, then from there starting talking to him! He accepted a Book of Mormon, and came to church yesterday too! He was so into it. After the classes, he commented to us, I loved how in the first part, so many people got up and said “I know”. I know, means knowledge, certainty. I like that. It was so cool!

I guess you could say things were pretty great this week. I love being here and am so excited to keep serving in this area!

Elder Daines

"Have you seen these toilets?? They're...tiny!"

"Johnny Rockets!" 

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