Sunday, January 8, 2017

Week 69 - There Can Be Miracles When You Believe

Hey everyone!

Super duper cool week this week! To not make y'all wait for the news of why it was so basically there are these two young people in our ward, Jen. and Kev., and they are siblings. Their mom, Ing., had gone to church several times, had received pretty much all the missionary lessons and all, but hadn't been baptized for problems with work. A couple weeks ago when we had the Missionary Choir, she went, and loved it! We felt we needed to meet with her and teach her a bit. We got there with her, and we saw right away that she was super ready to be baptized! I honestly have no idea why the missionaries had not talked much with her before. We asked her, Ing., would you like to be baptized this Friday? And she said, of course! At what time? Hahaha. It was so so cool. She was so ready, and it was the greatest, because Kev., her son, was able to baptize her. Honestly pretty much the coolest experience ever. 

Other super cool things, that honestly I had forgotten to mention I think...last week I found out that Zefer. (from La Paz) got baptized and December 17, and is progressing super, super well! That makes me so so happy, because although I wasnt there to see it, he is staying strong. Also, long long ago, when I was in Garzas, there was a great family of 4. The mom, and her two kids were members of the Church, and her husband went with them for years, but never felt baptism was for him. Well just a couple weeks before I left La Paz, I was told he was going to be baptized, and had the amazing privilege of seeing him baptized. That family is already preparing to be sealed in the temple for eternity! 

We are seeing lots of progress here in this zone and in our area, and I am super excited to be able to keep serving here in Infonavit! Love this place! Oh by the way, happy new year everyone! Haha. Love y'all!

Elder Daines

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