Sunday, January 8, 2017

Week 66 - Light the World

Hey fam and friends!

Super great week this week! I love this new area and new ward! Infonavit is a nice big ward with lots young families which is super awesome! There are lots of members of the ward here that served missions and they are super willing to help us in our service! 

This week we were kind of all over the place. Elder Cruz, my companion, only has one transfer here and doesn't really know the area too well yet, so we got lost a couple times haha, but we took advantage of the situation to contact some more people in the street! We had some super cool experiences. The only crazy thing is that wow! I remember that on Tuesday night, we had a lesson outside at 8pm at night, and holy cow. I'm sure it was probably like 60 degrees still, but I was literally shivering of the cold...and it got me kind of sick. My voice sounds super funny haha. 

Other cool things...well that lesson we had in the cold was one of the best lessons I have had in my entire mission! Her name is Estef., and she was a referral from other missionaries. We had a bit of trouble finding her house at first but we found here finally, and had a great lesson! She was never really raised in any religion, so she wasn't too sure of what God was like. As the lesson went one, we were able to explain that He really is our Father and He loves us, and the Spirit of God was honestly present there with us. She could feel that what we said was true. She had already read a few pages in the Book of Mormon before we got there, and she told us that she felt that the book was actually talking to her, it answered her prayers. We invited her to pray at the end of the lesson and it was just about the greatest prayer ever uttered! We are super excited to visit her again this week. 

We had a great Training this past Friday. It lasted from morning till night, but I learned so much! It helped me really know what my role is as a missionary and how I can be an example to others and help them come unto Christ. I hope I can be better each day! Something that really stuck with me was that we are called to speak to everyone always. Everyone means everyone and always means...always! I hope I can reach up to the expectations my Savior has of me. I know this is His work! 


Elder Daines

Christmas in the office! 

....Even Teddy Bears are bigger than me! 

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