Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week 61 - Trust in the Lord With All Thine Heart


This week was pretty good! To not waste your or my time, I’ll get right down to it. So remember how last week I wrote about how Nan. was scared to make a decision? Well, on Thursday, we had a lesson with Nancy and her mom. During the lesson we were talking about trusting in God and believing He will guide us. She told us that she had an experience in church last week where she just felt a little confused, and felt the God had left her, and she felt that way for days. She kept praying and praying and praying during that time, and she received an answer from God, telling her, ¨I haven't left you, don't worry¨. She knows God answers her prayers, and while we were teaching her, I felt we needed to invite her to be baptized again. We invited her to be baptized on November 26th, not knowing if she would say yes or no, and she said she will! She trusts that God will answer her prayers. She knows He answers. Even though she does not yet know if this is what God wants her to do, she trusts He will answer her. Zefer. and Nan., brother and sister, are set to be baptized together the same day! I cannot wait to see this day with them dressed in white! 

We had some other super cool experiences too. We were teaching a man named Carl., and he said, "don't you doubt in me, Ill be there on Sunday!" And we have only taught him twice! And there he was on Sunday! He loved it, and even participated in the classes. 

Another cool experience Elder Quezada and another Elder had in my area when they were on splits, is that they went to visit a family, and they were way excited! Without even asking for referrals, the family told them that they had people they wanted us to teach! So cool!! They are awesome. Even though they told us they couldnt come to church, they said this Sunday they will be there!! 

Love this work! I know that the harder we work and the more we love God, the happier we will be! We just have to trust in His time. He always comes through with His promises! 

Elder Daines

"Did I work him too hard?"

"Pan de Muerto"

"All brushing their teeth at the same time!"

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