Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week 60 - Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween all! Shoutout to the cutest two little sobrinos out there, Bailynn and Mason, who are rocking the best Mickey and Minnie Mouse costumes. 

This week was pretty super good. The week before last, as I think I mentioned, lots of appointments got canceled so we talked to tons of people in the street, and in this week, we were able to visit lots of them! It was super cool how receptive most of them were. We really feel God has prepared them to receive this message. One family in particular is the C. family. The dads name is Andres, and on Wednesday he received us in his home, and is super nice, he commented to us that he wants his whole family to listen to us as well. Yesterday we came back, and we got to know his wife, two kids, and grandson, and they are all great! They are super willing to listen, to learn more, and are excited to get to know the Gospel more and attend church. 

Zefer. is doing super well. We had a pretty cool experience this week with him on Saturday. We were in the middle of teaching him and Nan. when his brother, Franc. showed up. Nan., the brave woman she is, invited him to listen to us! And at first, somewhat reluctantly, he came and sat down. But as the lesson went on, it was clear he was listening, and interested, and he even participated in the lesson! It was super cool, because we had seen him before, talked to him a bit, went to his house to see if we could teach him, but never got the chance to. God provides the way! Well, anyway, on Saturday, we talked about Repentance and Baptism. And as we read Alma 7:11-15, we paused after 13 and talked about through Christ we can be clean of our sins, and then we read 14 and 15, which teach us HOW to be clean. He repent and be baptized. As we asked Nan. what she felt this scripture was inviting her to do, she said, to repent and come unto Christ......and be baptized (: ... She is a little scared to make the decision, and told us she doesn’t know why, she feels like she isn’t ready, but honestly this entire family is ready to receive the Gospel! We are super excited for them all.

I also had the great privilege to baptize Fabi., an hermana that the sister missionaries have been teaching! She is one of the humblest, happy, and innocent people I have ever met! I feel super blessed to have been able to participate in her baptism. It is the gate to eternal life! 

Elder Daines

"What's for lunch? White Shirt Soup!"

"Fabi.'s baptism!"

"Someday I will own you"

"Peter Piper's Pizza Buffet"

"Home Depot is my love"

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