Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week 58 - Lead Me, Guide Me

The weeks are going by too fast!! Oh by the way, Howdy!

This week was super crazy! I did Splits with Elder Bales this week, and I decided to go into his area to see how it was, and wow it is kind of tough! His area is the centro, or downtown, of La Paz. And so there are tons of stores and all, and because of that they have to walk a lot! Haha, but it is super cool! They have an awesome investigator named Julio who cuts hair (I don’t know what you call hair cutters, haha). We went to visit him, and he was super interested, he had read in the Book of Mormon and had a super interesting question, and we got to take some time to answer his doubt and it was great! He is coming to church and loving it. He even cut my hair this morning, and gave me a free Paul Mitchell gel! Free! This life is good. (And I just ran out of gel, answered prayer!!)

Other cool things that happened, while I was on splits, they had an awesome lesson in my area with Zefer. and he accepted the invitation to be baptized on November 12! We are going to be working with him to prepare him for that day! 

I got to speak in Church on Sunday and it was super cool! I had my talk all planned, but as my companion was speaking, I felt compelled to change my plan a bit. I talked about God's plan for us, the Plan of Salvation, and what He wants us to become. It was super cool because my companion mentioned about how God wants to turn us from charcoal into a diamond, and I elaborated on it, and how sometimes we have to work a bit to turn into a diamond! I talked about the talents parable and all that, and it turned out pretty cool! I know that God can guide us and lead us to reach people’s hearts and find those who He has prepared.

We are hoping to have a better week this week and I’m excited to be able to work a little more in my area this week to finish out this transfer well! This Saturday they will tell us if someone changes area. I don’t think I will change, but who knows!
Elder Daines

"Breakfast doesn't get any better than this!"

"Walking on the mountain!"


"Mr. Governor came to town!"

"The District!"

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