Sunday, September 25, 2016

Week 55 - Life of a Father

Hey all!

It was a super great week with my new son Elder Quezada! I know a lot more about him now than I did last week haha! He is so great! Fresh out of high school, 18 years old, from Hidalgo, Mexico. He is younger than B! He just turned 18 a couple months ago. He is super super awesome and so NEW! Its just great cause he has so much faith in everyone and desires to work! 

This week we had a pretty cool experience that we got to teach a person that we had contacted Elder Ramirez and I. Her name is Ign., she is a little viejita (little old lady). But she is so great! She is so prepared to listen to us, and accepted our message perfectly! She made an effort to read the whole pamphlet we left her even though she has been sick, and remembered almost everything she read! And she also remembered that she had to pray, but she said she takes lots of pills and they make her sleep haha, and so when she was going to pray at night before going to bed, the sleep beat her! haha. But she is so awesome! She couldn't come to church this week cause she was sick, but next week she said for sure!!

Once again Elder Quezada is super great! Super excited to work and serve with him. This is an awesome work and I know that when we work with pure hands and a clean heart we can make miracles happen! We just have to work!! Thats all there is to it. Love you all! Have an awesome week!

Elder Daines

"Elder Quezada's first lunch!"


"Fireworks for Independence Day!"

"Noche Mexicana"

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