Sunday, September 11, 2016

Week 52 - Un Año?


Don’t have much time, like always haha, but this week was super great!! At the beginning of the transfer we only had 2 people listening to us, now we have 14! We found 11 new people this week!! It was super great and they are all awesome!

Some are: Margarita! She is Awesome. She listened to missionaries before, 3 years ago, but never went to church. She couldn’t come this week, but she really wanted to but couldn’t, but she said con mucho gusto she is going to go this week!! She really wants to go! Its super awesome to see how God prepared her for us!

Tomas is another great guy that was a guy we contacted in the street. We had an awesome lesson, and he asked us, “are you guys happy?” And we said, “of course!” He explained he has a great job, he has an awesome family, but he feels like he is missing something, like he is only half full, and we were able to explain to him that the gospel is what he is missing! Super awesome man!

Nancy and Alicia are the mom and sister of a guy we contacted. We know he wasn’t going to be home, but I told Elder Ramirez, let’s go! Maybe we can find his family. And guess what! We did, haha. They are so, so awesome! Nancy had lots of experience with an LDS family a few years ago, and thats why she let us in! She offered an awesome prayer at the end of the lesson, asking that God could bless her brother to soften his heart. 

ALSO! I went to do splits with Elder Murillo! Wow! We walked a lot! But we were able to find a couple new people and we also placed two baptismal dates for THIS Saturday! Super excited for them! Elder Murillo is super great and hilarious. I love that man. 

Thats all! Also, don’t like to say it… but this week I already have a year in the mission. Crazy how the time goes by and I don’t want to waste a minute!


Elder Daines

"Cactus Sunset"

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