Friday, September 16, 2016

Week 54 - I'm a Dad Again!

Howdy All!
As you can see by the title, Elder Ramírez and I got changed ): He is heading to Mazatlán, and I am staying here in La Paz for another 6 weeks. After these 6 weeks, I will have an entire year in the Baja! So crazy!
So yeah I will be training another new missionary, fresh from the Missionary Training Center. He gets here tomorrow, his name is Elder Quezada.

This week was crazy, crazy busy again. I had three baptismal interviews from Calafia, we did splits with the missionaries from Calafia, we had a Hurricane (Newton) pass by, and we also had a neat missionary activity with the primary children!

First off, kind of embarrassing story. So I shave with my electric razor thing, and after having done it each day for a year, I have developed a certain pattern of shaving, in which pattern the mustache always comes last. So it just so happens that when I shaved on Friday morning, I shaved everything...but the mustache. I didn’t realize it till we had already left the house and couldn’t go back home. So I went through the day with a nice mustache shadow. Sorry I forgot to take a picture haha.

Second, well we had nice Little Hurricane Newton come by on Tuesday, but it was only category 1. Kind of disappointing to be honest.

Third, and last, we had an awesome primary activity on Saturday, where the little kids got to pretend to be missionaries for a couple hours, and we went around, helping them practice talking to people (actors) as if they were contacting people in the Street! I have an awesome pic I will try and send next week of the two, Elder Gonz. and Elder Hig. (both 6 years old haha), it was great! Also got to see the Silva family again!

Have an awesome week all!!

Elder Daines

"Primary activity!" 

"The Silva Family! "

"Goodbye my 3 Elders!"

"Primary activity!"

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