Sunday, September 11, 2016

Week 53 - Over the Hill

So this is what it feels like to be over the hill... (that’s how they say it right...? When you turn 50 or whatever...?) 

We had a pretty, interesting week. We had lots of things that got in the way of our time, but we made use with the time we had! We were able to get some more members to come visit people with us this week which was super great! 

We had a pretty great visit yesterday with a man named Rigoberto. He is raising his son alone, and we contacted him last week, and he wasn’t fully attentive to say the least, when we contacted him, and we set a visit with him and wasn’t home, but he called us Saturday night asking us to come on Sunday, and so we moved our plans a bit around so we could get to him in time, and he was home! Which was great. And he was super receptive! He may have been a little rude the first time we met him, but now, in his home, and having a good time to talk with him, we came to realize it is just because he is confused and wants to know how he can come closer to Christ! And that is just our job! Haha. He was super excited for us to come and is super open to reading and praying and continuing to learn the truth! 

I also had my first chance to interview someone for baptism. His name is Cand.! And he is super great!! He comes walking to church every Sunday, and lives almost an hour away! He is elderly, but loves it so much, and even though he doesn’t remember everything 100%, it is clear he has been super humble and repentant, and it was great to see his baptism on Saturday! 

I know this is Gods work and we will receive blessings with respect to the effort we put into this life!


Elder Daines

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