Sunday, September 11, 2016

Week 51 - Be Thou an Example

Howdy hey all! 

This was a pretty crazy awesome super busy week! It was super super great cause it rained a lot!!! I LOVE rain. 

We were able to find lots and lots of new people to teach this week! It was pretty great. Even though we sometimes weren’t able to find the people we were looking for, we found others that the Lord placed in our path that needed more of the Gospel. We had a super cool experience during about the span of an hour this week. We had a lesson who wasn’t there, so we decided to dedicate a whole hour to looking for people to teach . We decided to head up to another area in our area, and unconsciously, I turned on a street. And Elder Ramirez asked me why I turned, and I told him, I have absolutely no idea. Right after, we saw a guy coming towards us on the sidewalk, and we contacted him! He was super super nice, and we asked if we could leave our number with him, and he said yeah! Do you want mine? And we were like...OKAY!!!! ESTA BIEN. It was super cool. We had some other super cool experiences like that during the week, and we were also protected from the storms in almost every circumstance! Which was a blessing I guess, even though Id rather be running in the rain! haha. 

I had some super cool opportunities this week! An hermano called us on Friday morning, and asked if we could teach a part in a youth conference they were having that day, he asked for it to be between 60-90  minutes...he gave us 3 hrs warning. And I was like...okay. SURE! Let’s do it. So we did it. And it was AWESOME! I could really feel how the Spirit could work through me, and I was actually able to get AND hold the attention of dozens of young men and women for 90 minutes! What a miracle right? Haha. Honestly though, it was so great! I am super excited to serve with young men and women after the mission. It helped me remember to BE AN EXAMPLE to the young people, because in two years, they will be in my place!

Loved this week! We are working hard and enjoying this work like crazy! We also had an awesome multi-zone conference with the missionaries and President this week, and we are feeling super excited to see even more miracles here. 

Elder Daines

"Walking on sunshine."


"When a dog jumps on you after rain..."

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