Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 37 - No Unhallowed Hand Can Stop the Work from Progressing

Howdy all!

I had a super awesome first week of the new transfer here in San Jose. It was a great week. The only awful thing is the darn sun! It is killing me. I surrendered to the counsel of Hermana Velez, and started using an umbrella sometimes to block the sun (I recognize that with doing so, I also surrender my dignity, as I have always believed umbrellas are for rain only).

Elder Wright and I were running all around town this week looking for new people to teach and also trying to make it to all the lessons we had. Like normal, some fell through, but we had several really great and powerful lessons. On Friday, we had an awesome lesson with A., and we met her youngest child!  She's 11, and super awesome and excited to learn, too! On Sunday, A., her boyfriend and daughter all came to church with us! S.  was playing soccer, and we dont know exactly why J. didn't come too, but it was awesome to have them all with us! 

We also had a way good lesson with a reference we got from an investigator. We met him and his friend. They have both truly been prepared by God to receive the Gospel in this time. The Gospel is just the perfect answer to every question! 

And another great thing, is that we are moving forward with Ed. and C., the sons from the V. family. They are going to be baptized on June 4th! We are super excited for them. It is so awesome to hear them talk about how excited they are to take the first step towards God in being baptized. 

Don't have too much more time, but I am so grateful for this area and for the innumerable blessings God is pouring out in this area! I know this is God's work. 

Elder Daines

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