Sunday, March 20, 2016

Week 27 - There is Too Much Good in the World to be Unhappy


This week was pretty eventful, as is every week haha. More than anything, this week I learned, as it says, ´There is way too much good in the world to be unhappy´. Sometimes I unconsciously get my mindset on how many negative things there are in the world. I can honestly be super overwhelming! sometimes! There are so many struggles and difficulties in the world right now, and it seems like every day is worse than the day before. 

I was feeling a little down in those thoughts this week. We were waiting for the bus that takes us out to Chametla, and I saw a teenage girl get off the bus, and after her got off a little old lady. They both had to cross a street with traffic. The teenage girl was looking for a time to go, when she realized the little old lady wanted to cross, too. She took the old lady by the hand, and at her pace, helped her cross the street. This whole thing ended up taking a good 5 minutes. I am sure this girl had somewhere to be, but she recognized someone in need, and was willing to help, as if it were her own grandma. And right after that, when we got on the bus, another man helped a lady carry her groceries. This helped me so much. There is so much good in the world. Sometimes it is just hard to see it. 

I know that if we recognize all of the good in the world instead of the bad, we will be so much happier. If we recognize the good in others instead of seeing what they lack, this will also make us happier. It´s true, there is so much evil in the world, but there is also so much good. Sometimes people question the existence of God in the midst of all of the horrible things going on, and may ask how a loving God could allow people to struggle like this. I too, have sometimes asked that, but several times I have received the clear confirmation that I have a loving Heavenly Father, and He will bless me as I turn unto Him. We determine how happy we will allow ourselves to be. See the good in the world! There is too much good in the world to be unhappy. Don´t waste your life being unhappy.

In addition to that, this week I came to realize how small I am. Not in that fact that I´m short, but in the fact that there is so much in the world. This week I realized that there are so many interesting people in the world. Every single person has their own story. Every person has their own unique situations, difficulties, etc. The one great similarity though, is that we all share the same loving Heavenly Father. It is incredible to know that He knows us all perfectly, that He is aware of each and every single one of His children. 

Honestly, I had tons of cool experiences and stories I would normally tell you, but I felt this is what has impacted me most this week, and I really wanted to share it with all of you. I love you all so much and miss you like crazy! I really hope you all have a good week, and are able to see how much good there is in the world. 


Elder Daines

"Me with a cactus"

"Played some good ol' futbol"

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