Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Week 14- Ha Nacdio Un Salvador

Hey there!

Its been a super great week! Coming into this week we had several appointments set for each day, and we were really excited to be able to teach a lot of people this week. Sadly, the vast majority of the appointments that we had fell through, people either were not home, or they were busy, etc. It was a little disappointing to have them all fall through, but we still found ways to be happy! We were able to find some more people to teach again this week, which was really good! Though the original plans we had fell through, God truly provided a way for us to be able to fulfill our duty, and find more people to bring unto Him. 

The Spirit of Christmas is truly in the air here (at least for me, haha)! I love it so much. We are already singing Christmas songs in most of our lessons with investigators, there are some houses with lights up, and oh my goodness it is just so great! I've been able to do some more studying about the birth of Christ in this past week, and it is so amazing! I am so grateful to have a Savior. The Church came out with a new video called, Ha Nacido Un Salvador (A Savior is Born--video below). It is so awesome. I am so grateful to have the knowledge that we have a Savior. Because of Him, we can be happy! Not only happy for a little bit, but for forever! Ahhh I just love the Christmas Spirit so much!

We were able to have a really great experience this week. Since the two new sister missionaries arrived, they have been teaching the 9 year old girl from the family we found a few weeks ago. It was so amazing, they were able to teach her everything and she said she wanted to be baptized this past Saturday! And she did! It was so amazing!!! What made it even better was that her father was able to baptize her. Such a special and spiritual moment for the whole family, and us too! Haha. I was able to see that God truly provided a miracle for us that day a few weeks ago. It was just a normal day and we were going about looking to find some less active families, and at the time we had no idea we were going to find the family, nonetheless, someone that had yet to be baptized. It was truly a miracle. God blesses us each and every day. And I am so grateful that I was able to be a tool in the hands of God to bring this whole family together into the Church, and they are preparing to be sealed together in the temple, so they can live together forever! I feel so blessed to have been given this incredible opportunity. 

I hope you all have an amazing week and can truly remember why we celebrate Christmas. We have a Savior. I know it is true, and I love it. 
Elder Daines

A Savior is Born


"Get that corn outta my face!"


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