Sunday, August 21, 2016

Week 49 - Living on a Mountain + I'm a Father?

Howdy all!

Super great, super busy, super tiring, but super exciting week! 

It has been super crazy this week with all of the changes in the mission and the areas and all. I have been in contact several days with the new missionaries in my area from San Jose, helping them get to know their way around and all. And my area is super hilly, people legit live on a mountain side here. Correction: several mountain sides--we are going up and down in the hot sun all day (at least its a good quads workout). Also, Elder Ramirez, who only has 6 weeks in the mission, has had to guide us pretty much this whole week, and so it has been a little tough, but we are excited and up for the challenge. 

Elder Ramirez is super good! I cant remember if I explained much about him, but he is from Acapulco, he is the only member of the church in his family, and he is super good at soccer. He is super excited to work hard and see miracles here in the mission, and it has been really uplifting and exciting to be able to train him and show him how it´s done here in the Mexico Culiacan mission. (I am a father because in the first three months of the mission, the new missionary has a trainer, and here in the mission we call the trainers Fathers)

I got here in this area, and there really was hardly anyone listening to the missionaries, so we started from the bottom....(and now we´re here, haha...) But really, we pretty much got rid of everything, and started with a blank slate. So we did lots of talking in the street, I got to meet lots of members, tried to serve them in any way we could, asked them for references of people that may want to listen to us, and we have been able to see some pretty cool successes, honestly.

We have heard our prayers answered and have been able to really touch 
people´s hearts with the work we are doing. I know God prepares His children to receive us in their own time. I love being a missionary, and a dad! 

Elder Daines

"Indian food in Mexico?"

"My old enemy...Stairs."

"My Child (Elder Ramirez) feat. Ocean View"

"The Setup"

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