Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Week 7: Saludos!

¡Saludos, Familia y Amigos!

Just finishing up my first week in México, and it has been awesome so far! I love it. The culture is a little bit different and it is hard at times to adjust, but I am getting there and I know that with the Lord´s help I can do things that I cannot do on my own. 

My companions, Elders Henderson and Velez, are pretty great! They are both really focused and hard working and are a great example to me. They have really helped me get used to the changes here. Just want to share a couple interesting things that I have learned here and some cool experiences I have had! First of all, people love to sing here! We sing at pretty much every lesson, and we also sing in our studies in the morning. Also, the food is incredible! I love it so much. We are able to eat with members every day, and they feed us really well! Interesting thing is that we eat at like 2 every day, and then people don´t really eat dinner! That has taken a bit of time to get used to, but I just eat a bunch at lunch then make it through the rest of the day okay. For any of you that know me, that is hard to believe that I can eat a lot at one sitting, but I´m doing it! I´m still the last one eating at the table though haha. 

The members here are really great!! Elder Henderson in the past few days has brought us around to pretty much every family´s house in the ward! They are very kind and loving, and are excited to help with missionary work. The only big difference here is that we do a lot of walking here, and it is super hot during the day! I use that ´toallita´ probably 100 times a day to wipe off sweat.

Funny story: I was writing in my journal a couple days ago on my bed, and all of a sudden I saw a giant cockraoch next to me! I jumped out of my bed faster than I get off the start line in races! I ran to the bathroom to hide from it. Elder Velez killed it and then chased me with it.  Don´t worry, I´ve gotten a little better though. 

I learned a great lesson a couple days ago, again on the reliance on God. The mission is clearly already the hardest thing I have ever done, I did not think it would be this hard for me. But I was studying Christlike attributes, especially faith, and charity, and I was filled with so much love to know that I am being strengthened to do things that I cannot do on my own. 

We also do a lot of contacting here, it´s funny sometimes because people say they are too busy to talk to us, when they´re just sitting out on their porch, or watching TV, and I just feel bad for them! Because I know how much happiness this Gospel can bring to their lives. It´s like a story I read, as missionaries, it´s like we´re going around trying to give out $100 bills to everyone we see, and if they don´t accept it, we just go on and try to give it to someone else! The only difference is though, that our message is worth so much more than a $100 bill. This Gospel has brought me so much peace, comfort, and knowledge, and I would truly be lost without it. I know that this is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth today.

I gave my first talk in the mission field yesterday (where we speak in our church service), and I decided to speak on the importance of faith and prayer. I was able to share the example that Nephi is to us in having such great faith to be led byh the Spirit, not knowing beforehand what he should do. I know that as we follow God´s commandments, especially baptism, and renewing the promises we make with God at baptism, we are promised that we can have the Spirit with us at all times. I know that as we have faith and follow the Spirit, we can trust that God will answer our prayers. I know that God answers prayers, especially through the Scriptures! I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. 

Love you all!!

Elder Daines
"My first Coca in Mexico. (You might want to send this in to Coca-Cola for their next ad)."

"Washing clothes by hand. Surprisingly kind of fun!"

"Leaky toilet."

"The view of the city from our rooftop." 

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